These articles are for Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics

The Structure of Lactose

16th June 2016

A discussion of how the structure of lactose can cause lactose intolerance in some people (YEAR TWELVE)

The 1995 Nobel Chemistry Prize

15th May 2016

Who won the prize and why is it important? (YEAR TWELVE)


14th April 2016

A summary of research on a select halogen (YEAR TWELVE)

Quark Theory

28th March 2016

Researching the Quark Model, including Gell-Mann and Zweig (YEAR TWELVE)

Milk in a Balanced Diet

9th January 2016

To what extent does milk satisfy the requirements of a balanced diet for a newborn mammal? (YEAR ELEVEN)

Hyperbaric Chambers

18th December 2015

How do hyperbaric chambers work and how can they be used? (YEAR ELEVEN)

The Hepatic Portal Vein

13th December 2015

What is the hepatic portal vein and what is its function? (YEAR ELEVEN)

Carbon Dating the Turin Shroud

29th November 2015

An investigation into the claims made about the age of the Shroud of Turin (YEAR TEN)

Effects of Industrial Gases

14th November 2015

A review of the environmental problems caused by gases produced by industry (YEAR ELEVEN)

Agent Orange

4th September 2015

What it contained and how it worked (YEAR TEN)

Degeneracy, Universality and RNA

2nd September 2015

The difference between DNA and RNA, plus explanations of the terms "Degenerate" and "Universal" (YEAR TEN)

Balancing A Soft Drinks Can

31st August 2015

An experiment with a 330ml drinks can to determine how much water is required for the can to balance on its edge (YEAR TEN)


22nd August 2015

A comparison of the circulatory systems of fish and mammals (YEAR TEN)

The Purpose of Hibernation in Mammals

20th August 2015

A description of the changes in a mammal's body from the start to the end (YEAR TEN)


19th August 2015

Who first made it? What is the monomer? What are its uses? (YEAR TEN)

Recycling Symbols

19th August 2015

The meanings of recycling symbols on plastics (YEAR TEN)

Crash Protection on Beagle 2

18th August 2015

Explaining the physics behind the crash protection, and explaining why it failed (YEAR TEN)

Passive Safety Features

17th August 2015

A report explaining how they work and how effective they are (YEAR TEN)

The Falling Penny Myth

17th August 2015

Why it is impossible for a dropped penny to kill someone (YEAR TEN)

Antoine Lavoisier

9th August 2015

The life of the French scientist, including how he discovered Oxygen (YEAR EIGHT)

Chemical Symbols

9th August 2015

A brief description of how three elements got their symbols (YEAR NINE)

Alfred Nobel

8th August 2015

A factfile on the inventor of dynamite (YEAR EIGHT)

Isaac Newton

8th August 2015

The life of Sir Isaac Newton, the details of his experiment to split light, and why he believed there were seven colours (YEAR SEVEN)

UK Electricity Usage

8th August 2015

An explanation of how much is used overall, as well as where and when the peaks are (YEAR NINE)

History of Mathematics

8th August 2015

Two presentations, one about famous mathematicians, the other about famous arithmetic problems (YEAR NINE)

Stem Cells

7th August 2015

An explanation of the difference between adult and embryonic stem cells, writing about the benefits of using stem cells to treat disease, and discussing concerns about their use.(YEAR NINE)

Classifying the Platypus

7th August 2015

A verdict on which group of vertebrates it belongs to, with positive and negative reasons (YEAR NINE)


7th August 2015

A brief summary of DNA, including details of its function and discovery (YEAR NINE)


6th August 2015

An information sheet about the Noble Gas (YEAR NINE)


5th August 2015

A detailed description of the creature, and an answer to the question of why it is regarded as important evidence for evolution (YEAR NINE)

Surface Area of Leaves and Cells

4th August 2015

A description of how a leaf and a cell are adapted to ensure that they have a large surface area in relation to their volume and an explanation of why they need a large surface area, using diagrams to help (YEAR NINE)

Salmonella Typhimura

3rd August 2015

Where it was found, what the symptoms are, how long they take to appear, who is most at risk, and how to prevent infection (YEAR EIGHT)

Light Bulbs

31st July 2015

The history and working of filament bulbs (YEAR NINE)

Evolution of the Horse

31st July 2015

An explanation as to how changes in habitat over millions of years may have caused the modern horse to evolve from an animal no bigger than a fox (YEAR NINE)

Food & Digestion Glossary

29th July 2015

Definitions of all the components of the human digestive system (YEAR EIGHT)

Factory Magnet Production

26th July 2015

A description of the manufacturing process, with definitions of “hard” and “soft” in scientific terms (YEAR SEVEN)

Printer Colours

25th July 2015

A list of the three colours used in modern printers and an explanation of why they are used (YEAR SEVEN)

Weathering Types

22nd July 2015

A poster about Chemical, Physical and Biological weathering. (YEAR SEVEN)

The Origins of Energy

22nd July 2015

An explanation of how the energy stored in coal, oil and gas originally came from the sun (YEAR SEVEN)

The Air We Breathe

22nd July 2015

A description of each gas in the air, what percentage it makes up of the air's composition and the uses of said gas industrially (YEAR SEVEN)

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