Did de Klerk Deserve a Peace Prize?

16th February 2016

Were the President's reforms a genuine push for racial equality or just a bid to stay in power? (YEAR ELEVEN)

Putting Pressure on Apartheid

15th February 2016

Which was more important in putting pressure on Apartheid up to 1976; black resistance or international pressure? (YEAR ELEVEN)

The Cost of Clienthood

30th January 2016

An account of the difficulties of being a client, according to Martial (YEAR TEN)

Chariot Racing

29th January 2016

A summary of the information about chariot racing that can be found in Ovid's Amores (YEAR TEN)

The Roman Baths

28th January 2016

A description of the public baths in ancient Rome (YEAR EIGHT)

Causes of the 1905 Revolution

17th August 2015

An essay about the Tsar's incompetence, social problems in Russia, and Bloody Sunday (YEAR TEN)

Cold War: The Actions of Stalin

16th August 2015

An essay on the extent to which we agreed with the statement "The Actions of Josef Stalin between 1945 and 1949 were the main cause of the Cold War" (YEAR TEN)

Why didn't the USA win the Vietnam War?

16th August 2015

An essay of 1.5 pages, including conclusion (YEAR TEN)

Why did the Cold War Start?

16th August 2015

An essay explaining the beginnings of the Cold War (YEAR TEN)

Was Stalin a Disaster for the USSR?

14th August 2015

An essay in response to the titular question (YEAR TEN)

Stalin CPSU Leadership

9th August 2015

A one-page reply to the statement "Stalin won leadership of the Communist Party due to his own cleverness." (YEAR TEN)

Trotsky's Role in Red Victory

9th August 2015

A one-page answer to the question "To what extent do you agree that the leadership of Trotsky was the main reason for the Reds' victory in the Civil War?" (YEAR TEN)

British India and Hong Kong

9th August 2015

A comparison of how the two places fared under British colonial governance (YEAR EIGHT)

Who was to Blame for the Civil War

9th August 2015

A table of who blamed whom, with a conclusion (YEAR EIGHT)

Robespierre Obituary

8th August 2015

An obituary about revolutionary French lawyer Maximilien de Robespierre (YEAR EIGHT)

Was King John Bad?

7th August 2015

An essay on the merits and failures of his personality and politics, with notes on the public perception of him (YEAR SEVEN)

Austrian Archduke Assasinated

6th August 2015

A newspaper article about the assassination of Franz Ferdinand in 1914, written from a contemporary perspective (YEAR NINE)

Dante's Inferno

6th August 2015

A description of the Nine Circles (YEAR SEVEN)

How William I Controlled England

6th August 2015

How the King established himself and kept England under control after the Battle of Hastings (YEAR SEVEN)

From the diary of Napoleon Bonaparte

4th August 2015

An estimation of Napoleon's diary entries before and after the Battle of Waterloo (YEAR EIGHT)

Why did the English Civil War begin?

4th August 2015

An essay detailing King Charles' fallouts with Parliament, and the rivalries between various religious factions which lead to violence (YEAR EIGHT)

Non-Religious Years

3rd August 2015

Is it good or bad for the alternative system to be used? With reasons, plus an explanation of how B.C./A.D. dates first came into use (YEAR EIGHT)

Is it Irrational to Believe in a God we Cannot See?

31st July 2015

A GCSE-style essay (YEAR NINE)

Health in Victorian Times

30th July 2015

A short essay describing the level of hygiene which the Victorian working classes experienced, and discussing the reasons for health measures being so poor (YEAR EIGHT)

How Blackadder portrays the commanders of WW1

30th July 2015

A description of Lt. George, Squadron Commander Lord Flashheart, Captain Darling, General Melchett, and real-life figure Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig. (YEAR NINE)

Why the French Revolution Happened

30th July 2015

An essay detailing the incompetence of the government and monarchy, the failure of the estates system, and the influence from America (YEAR EIGHT)

Why the World Went to War in 1939

30th July 2015

An essay about the actions of Adolph Hitler, the Treaty of Versailles and the Nazi-Soviet Pact (YEAR NINE)

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These articles are for History, Geography and Religious Studies.