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These articles are for English Lanuage, English Literature, Music and Drama.

Indian Instruments

30th September 2016

A task to research up to eight Indian musical instruments including sitar and tabla (YEAR EIGHT)

Dangerous Minds in Duffy Poems

13th February 2016

Whilst Education for Leisure and Stealing portray disturbed and dangerous minds, Havisham and Salome offer portraits of pitiful individuals worthy only of sympathy. (YEAR TEN)

The Log Scene in The Tempest

22nd January 2016

How does Shakespeare make this such a moving and dramatic moment in the play? (YEAR ELEVEN)

Prospero in The Tempest

17th January 2016

How does Shakespeare portray Prospero in Act 5? (YEAR ELEVEN)

Wonder and Enchantment in The Tempest

16th January 2016

How does Shakespeare explore this theme in Act 4? (YEAR ELEVEN)

Nature versus Nurture in The Tempest

16th January 2016

An essay exploring how Nature versus Nurture is portrayed in Acts 1 and 2 (YEAR ELEVEN)

The Message of Ozymandias

8th August 2015

An interpretation of what Mary Bysshe Shelley was trying to say (YEAR NINE)

Private Peaceful: Molly's Letters

8th August 2015

An imagining of the sort of letter which Molly would have sent to Thomas and Charlie as they went away to join the army (YEAR EIGHT)

Musician Presentations

8th August 2015

Slideshows on the lives and works of Ma Rainey and Ringo Starr (YEAR NINE)

Titanic Narrative

7th August 2015

A short story about one or more of the passengers on the doomed maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic (YEAR NINE)

Caravans in Room 101

6th August 2015

A speech explaining what we would send to Room 101 and why (YEAR EIGHT)

Private Peaceful: Two Months Later

6th August 2015

An extra chapter to add to the end of Michael Morpurgo's Private Peaceful, explaining how the family reacts to Charlie's death (YEAR EIGHT)

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